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Peking University, said that even though the d▓ata are a decade old, they show a general tre

nd.Experts have warned that sugar▓-sweetened beverages might put child▓ren's health at risk, increasing the possibility of obesity, tooth decay and Type 2 diabetes.Ma said there is no doubt that drinking sugar-sweetened beverages will increase the chance a child will become obese."It will directly increase the e▓nergy intake of children, which will stimulate the kids' appetite," he said.According to a 2015 survey published by t▓he New England Journal of Medicine, Ch▓ina's child ob

esity rate ranked highest a▓mong the 195 countries surveyed and


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is one of the fastest-growing in the world."It was also easy to con▓nect the excessive intak

e of sugary drinks with children's decayed teeth," Ma said.The fourth National Oral Health Survey in 2015 showed that 5-year-old Chinese children had a 70.9 p▓ercent chance of tooth decay, an increase of 5.8 percentage points in 10 years.Ma also advised staying alert t▓o other foods that contain added sugar锛峟or example, cakes and pastries.There is no world standard for▓ what a child's daily consumption of sugary drinks should be. But the report said that daily consumption of such drinks by Chinese children far surpassed some other countries.Please sca


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height-based discounts▓ for children be a thing of the past?Should height-based di▓scounts for children be a thing of the past?Should height-based discounts for children be a thing of the past?05-14-2018 09:56 BJTChina's long-standing policy o▓f giving children discounts based on their height ha▓s once again triggered controversy, with many pa▓rents calling for an age-based approa▓ch, reports Chinanews.com.A recent study by China Youth Daily found that around 60 percent of 1,969 pare

nts surveyed regarded the current appr▓oach of providing disc


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ounts based on he▓ight is unreasonable. Nearly 70 percent were in favor of an age-based appro

ach.Although policies▓ differ across regions, a National Development and Reform Commission document from 2012 stipulates that children less ▓than six years of age or less than 1.2 mete▓rs tall don't need a ticket to enter certain public tourist spots, and children 6 to 18 y▓ears of age can enjoy half-price ac▓cess. Public transportation systems across▓ China also apply height-based discounts for c▓hildren.Some parents argue that because children in China▓ are much taller than children

in th▓e past thanks to better nutrition, the old height sta▓

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